Side Effects Of Being Overweight


There are a thousand and one reasons why we gobble on food. Of course, they are always tempting and one more bite won’t hurt, right? We keep on consuming food while we exercise less that we end up becoming more than what our body size should normally be. If we do not step on the brake pedal, we might just balloon into a person we do not want to be – obese and overweight.

What’s wrong with being overweight? Besides it being very uncomfortable sitting in front of the computer for long periods of time, there are many negative consequences in allowing ourselves to go beyond what is required of our normal body mass index (BMI). Let us take a closer look on the adverse effects of obesity on our body and our self-esteem.

Health Risks: Heart Disease and Other Ailments

This is a known fact that when we become overweight, we are prone to various diseases – heart problems, diabetes, hypertension, liver and kidney diseases, and possibly cancer. The list goes on. That is the primary alarm, and the more obvious point, when we allow our bodies to go beyond our natural proportions.

Dermatological Effects: Skin Tags and Stretch Marks

As our body expands, so does our skin, the largest organ of our body. When one is overweight, the body stores fats that are more than what it can carry. This produces body folds. Friction between skins happens during movement. When skins rub against each other, skin irritation occurs which result to small growths, called skin tags.

If not small flesh growths, lines or ridges may appear on the skin. These are stretch marks. When skin is stretched, the body produces more cortisone, which leads to the skin losing elasticity. Stretch marks also cause discoloration on the affected part of the skin. There are cures for stretch marks available but their results vary greatly and make sure you do your research before attempting any solution.

Psychological Aftermaths: Anxiety and Low Self-Esteem

The side effects of being overweight are not just contained in the physical sphere. There are also psychological impacts to the person. Getting too fat can sometimes cause depression and low self-esteem. Worse, most obese people are subject to bullying. Modern society now dictates that the compass for beauty is someone who is slender and slim. So when the pendulum swings to the extreme opposite, one cannot help but feel anxious about being overweight.