How to Keep Our Skin Healthy When We Are Stuck Behind the Computer All Day in the Office


Heading outside into the bright, UV-loaded rays of the sun or the frosty and dry winter wind does an awful lot of damage to your skin. Staying out of the elements is a smart move – but staying inside for long lengths of time can cause problems for your skin as well. If you spend your days stuck inside, staring at your computer screen while at work, your office environment is wreaking havoc on your skin without you even realizing it. Although it’s a controlled and enclosed space, there are a variety of indoor elements that can cause long-term skin damage. Here’s how to minimize the harmful effects of your workplace on your skin.

Get Some Fresh Air

If you’re trapped inside a temperature-controlled office five days a week, the air conditioning that keeps you cool is problematic for your skin. Air conditioning dries out the skin, as AC systems work to keep the air cool by removing any humidity present. So, although it may feel great to not sweat, your skin is slowly drying out and appearing duller with the onslaught of altered air. Fight this by taking time each day to go outside and feel the fresh, outdoor air. It will help instill some of that missing humidity, and allow your eyes to take a break, too.

Make Sure To Moisturize

Thanks to both air conditioning and heating systems, your skin can be dry from sitting inside an office year-round. It’s important to add moisture back into your skin so it can stay youthful and elastic. Do so by keeping a moisturizer or lotion handy – apply often, both to your face and the rest of your body. Take extra care of the areas that are frequently exposed to the workplace “elements”, like your hands and elbows, as these can be the driest. Additionally, try to drink more water. When there’s more water in your body, your skin is better able to rehydrate itself and prevent dryness.

Make Your Own Humidifier

You can do your skin health favors by creating your very own humidifier at work to combat the controlled air inside. Fill a bowl with water, or a large water bottle left uncapped, and place it on your desk. This surrounds you with humid air, as the dry air will pull the water from the bowl or open bottle to create more humidity. If you don’t want to look weird, hide the bowl in a corner – no matter where you keep it, your skin will thank you.