Best Apps for Exercises at the Office


When you’re stuck inside your office five days each week, hunched over a computer keyboard and staring at a screen, there’s little time in your day to fit in a workout routine. With busy schedules, after-work tasks to tackle, and the stress and physical aches of work lasting long after your shift is over, trying to exercise can feel like an impossible task. However, it’s important to reverse the damaging effects of sitting at work all day long by working out and staying active; you just need to fit it into your busy life. That’s where your smartphone can come in handy – instead of scrounging together minutes, certain apps can help you stay fit while at work. Check out these apps to maintain your exercise routine in the office.


What’s better than fitting in a quick helpful stretch while at your desk to reverse all of that slouching and slumping? OfficeYogaMD is the app that can fix both your posture and improve your flexibility, all without you having to slip on some workout clothes. Download this app, and you’ll have helpful poses that can realign your spine, guide you to better posture in your desk chair, and even fix neck and head issues. On top of all of this great help, OfficeYogaMD also helps its users increase their flexibility with a variety of poses.

Office Stretches

Need to stretch out your wrists, your legs, or even your neck? The Office Stretches app can fix all of the tension, aches, and discomfort that come along with sitting in your office all day long. It’s an app that focuses solely on stretching out your entire body; no cardio or odd office workouts here. Just choose how much time you have to stretch, and the app will generate a “workout” that improves your flexibility and get you moving. Additionally, you can use the app as a fitness reminder: set alerts in Office Stretches, and the app will notify you when you’ve been sitting for too long.


If you want to increase your office workouts beyond a few stretches and a daily walk, Office-Fit is your app. Choose from its many different workout routines – whether you want to remain seated at your desk, or have the time to get up and stand, there are countless options – and set the length of time you’d like to exercise for. The app will then generate a specialized workout that matches your specifications. With a timer to ensure you get a great workout and clear visual guides for every move, it’s an app that can get you moving without having to hit a gym.