How To Stay Healthy While Working On The Computer All Day


Nowadays, it is not improbable for a person to work in front of a computer the whole day, mostly sitting at one position for hours on end. A sedentary work environment has been found to have negative impacts on our health and fitness. There are ways to avoid these unhealthy complications and it’s as easy as making intelligent choices in the food we eat, how we manage out time and the activities we engage in during the workday.

Aim To Eat Healthy At Work

If ever you experience an attack of the “munchies,” stay away from sugary sweets and drinks. Drinking lots of water will help you rehydrate. That bowl of candies? Better dump them in the trash and replace them with nuts. Nuts are full of healthy fats rather than unhealthy fats from candy. It will have the same effect of placating your stress and hunger in a much healthier way which can lead to weight loss. Or have a protein shake to keep you going and leading you less into temptation. Tupperware is your friend. Healthy leftover food from last night is a healthier lunch alternative than food ordered from restaurants. Learn to say “No” when unhealthy snacks are being passed around the office.

Allot Time For Physical Activities

One problem with working in front of a computer all day is that you are mostly sitting down in one position. Inactivity leads to fat build-up. Set your phone to remind you every hour to spend at least 5 or 10 minutes engaged in simple exercises to relieve the tension in your muscles. Do targeted exercise for muscles that remains immobile during work. You can also spend around 10 to 20 minutes of your lunch hour just walking around as a form of physical activity. Alternatively, there are office furniture that allows you to engage in physical activities while working such as a standing desk, a treadmill desk or a balancing chair to engage those muscles that remain unused while sitting down for long periods of time.

Staying Committed To Your Goals

Commitment is the name of the game. However grand your desires may be to stay healthy, your goals will remain unreachable without commitment. Distractions – deadlines, meetings, co-workers – will oftentimes crop up and you must encourage yourself to stay committed in your goals. Set-up, and stay committed, to a time management plan. Never swamp yourself with overlapping work targets that will contribute to a stressful work environment. The more stress you experience, the easier it is to stray away from your goals.